Succoring for EDB to PST Conversion? A reliable solution is here

Corporate life relies heavily on emails for effective communication. Over the years myriad email applications have been introduced in the market furnished with a vast array of advanced features and flexibility. One of the highly deployed and trusted email server is Microsoft Exchange Server that collaborates with Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that has emails, tasks, contacts, notes, journals, To-do lists, calendar etc and acts as a personal information manager. Microsoft Outlook creates a PST file that stores all the user mailbox data on the system where Outlook is installed. However, the user mailbox items from the PST file can only be accessed from te system where it is stored. For anytime, anywhere accessibility Outlook works with Microsoft Exchange Server that stores the same user data in the form of an EDB file that is stored on the server. Exchange Servers make it possible for a user to access the Outlook data in a real time environment.

Nonetheless, there are certain situations when EDB to PST Conversion becomes necessitous. Exchange Servers are not free from corruption and failures due to which the server goes down. The absence of Exchange Server renders all the user data inaccessible. Moreover, just a few emails or contact information for one or selected users might need to be extracted for professional or personal reasons.

Microsoft has facilitated the Exchange users to extract selective data from the EDB file using ExMerge utility (for Exchange Server 5.5, 2000 and 2003) and Export-Mailbox cmdlet (for Exchange Server 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016). However, there are certain situations when these utilities fail and give error messages resulting the conversion process as futile. Another limitation of these utilities is that they can not perform EDB to PST Conversion when Exchange Server is online.

If you are bugged by any of these issues while trying to Convert Exchange EDB to Outlook PST then a number of third party tools are available in the market that can successfully convert Exchange EDB files into Outlook PST files. Even selective conversion, such as emails, notes, tasks, calendar entries, journals, attachments, appointments etc, can be extracted from the EDB file and converted into individual PST files for each user mailbox. Using these software you can perform effectual EDB to PST Conversion without affecting the Exchange environment.

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