How to Recover Data from Inaccessible Windows XP

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windows XP data recovery software
In a Windows system, there are some files like NTLDR, MBR (Master Boot Record) that are needed during system startup. These files are part of the boot sequence and are among the ones that are executed during the boot process. If these files get damaged, then you may not be able to start the system. Such corruption can happen due to various reasons like virus infections, abrupt or unplanned system shutdown, hardware problems, etc. You should try to workaround this issue to perform data recovery. If it is not possible, then you should use a third-party tool to recover the inaccessible data.

Let us have a look at a practical situation in which you have a Windows XP system. When you try to start the system, it stalls during the system startup showing black screen after the POST (Power On Self Test) phase gets over.


There could be the following causes for this problem at the startup:

You may have left a Floppy disk, CD, or a DVD in the floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, or the DVD drive.

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One or more system drivers are either corrupt, damaged, or missing. That is why these following boot components are not loading during the boot sequence of the computer:
  • Master boot record
  • Partition tables
  • Boot sector
  • NTLDR file

To resolve this problem, you can try out the following methods for the mentioned issues:
  • Check the storage media: You should check if you have left any floppy disk, CD, or DVD in the system, then remove the media and restart the system.
  • Troubleshoot the system files issue: You can perform the following methods to fix the startup files related issue:
  • Restart the system in the Safe Mode.
  • Create a Boot disk in Windows XP and then try to start the system normally and backup the data.
If you are unable to start the system, then you should start the system in Recovery Console and use the following command to fix the MBR:


Now, try to start the computer. It should work perfectly now.

However, if the problem is not solved then you should reinstall the operating system. But that ways, you would lose important data as you may not have the updated backup. In such case, you are advised to take the services of a third-party y utility. With the help of non-destructive scanning algorithms, these data recovery tools help in recovering all types of data without any damage.

The best data recovery software in the business is Windows Data Recovery, which recovers lost or formatted data from FAT-, NTFS-, or exFAT-based systems. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT4(SP6), this RAID data recovery software works for various types of storage media.
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CD DVD Data Recovery Software - Now You Can Recover Data From Scratched CD

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CD DVD Data Recovery Software
Gone are the days when we have to repent over the data which is lost due to CD/DVD corruption. With the advent of third-party CD DVD data recovery software, it has become quite simple to recover CD DVD data. We become unable to access the data saved on our CD or DVD when it gets scratches over its surface (i.e. it gets physically corrupt) or we burnt it incorrectly. These are some very common causes and almost all of us might have lost our data at least once, due to any of the above mentioned reasons.

Let us exemplify this situation with a practical case. Mike, a software engineer, another day tried to see the photos of his wedding which he had stored on a CD. Thus, he inserted the CD in his Mac but Mac denied accessing the data which was saved on that CD. He tried twice but with no luck. Furiously, he ejected the CD from his Mac and found that CD got scratches on its surface. The loss was severe as he didn’t have full backup which means the backup of all the pictures anywhere else except this CD. However, he had heard about CD DVD data recovery software by one of his old school friends whom he met few days back.

Thus, without wasting time he called his friend and told him the exact situation. His friend pacified him and told him that recovery of lost, inaccessible, or deleted data is possible through third-party CD DVD data recovery software. These software can recover data from the optical media whether it is CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, or HD DVD burnt on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems. Further, he recommended Mike to use Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery software as he had used this tool and got 100% results.

However, initially Mike used the free demo version of the this efficient Mac CD DVD data recovery software by which he could only see the preview of the recoverable data. Though, the demo version gave him the gist of the software and thus by getting satisfied by the demo he purchased the license of the software which bears minimal cost. However, with the help of this software, he can create and save the image of the optical media and use that image in future. Moreover, this efficient software supports all major file systems including ISO 9660, Joliet, UDF, Rock Ridge, HFS, and HFS+ and is compatible with Mac OS X versions – 10.7 (Lion), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), and 10.5 (Leopard).
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How to Recover Deleted Pictures from a Flash Drives

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Have you ever deleted your memorable pictures from your flash drive? It is a worse situation and it becomes horrible in absence of back up of those pictures. Well, if the reply is in affirmative, don’t panic because with the use of latest card recovery tool, those deleted pictures can be easily recovered even if you are unable to restore them from the last taken backup.

With the advancement in digital technology, the recovery of digital pictures has become very easy. Now, the recovery is possible irrespective of picture loss situation. With the use of card recovery utility, recovering pictures from flash drive and various other digital storage media has become a cakewalk. A user who has no technical skills can also recover lost pictures with the use of such applications.

How to select right picture recovery tool?

There are thousands of card recovery software on Internet which promise to recover pictures from a range of storage media including flash drive, zip drive, Cds, DVDs, USBs, memory cards, memory sticks, hard drives and so on. You should be cautious while downloading a particular tool as per your requirements. Keep the below points in mind while selecting an efficient recovery tool:

1. It should be read-only
2. It should not modify the previously stored pictures.
3. The GUI of the software should be user-friendly which will guide you through the recovery process
4. Ensure the tool provides you a preview of the recoverable pictures in its demo version
5. Ensure it recovers pictures and all other file formats from all storage media.

How to improve the possibilities of recovery:

Keep in mind the below points. It will enhance the possibilities of recovery of your picture files from flash drive and other storage media.

1. Do not use the flash drive to store new data after deleting any files that you want to recover.
2. Do not edit any cards or videos stored on the flash drive.
3. Do not use the flash drive for any further transfer process

When a file is deleted from flash drive, it is not completely deleted. The data of the deleted file remains 100 per cent intact until another file overwrites it. Once, it is overwritten, it cannot get back by any mechanism.

Card Recovery Software is a very popular comprehensive application, used to recover lost or deleted pictures, videos and audio files. It is developed in two versions: Windows and Mac to assist the recovery of lost photos for windows and mac users.
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File Recovery Made Easier with the Specialized Software

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When you work on a computer the work you perform gets stored as different files in the hard disk. You always save your data after finishing the work. However, it may happen that one morning when you start looking for the previous day’s work that was important for a presentation, goes missing. You are petrified. Though you have double checked to saved the file; you are still unable to locate it. But wait a bit, before landing to any conclusion. All your inaccessible files are 100% recoverable. A file recovery software is the only answer for it.

Do not just brood over the data loss, rather let us see, what practically is responsible for the file loss.
There may be many reasons for the loss of data. Few of them are;

 - Accidental or intentional deletion of file.
 - Logical damage to the Operating System or the supportive File System.
 - Physical damage to the hard disk.

Whatever may be the cause of deletion of the files, to recover deleted files is of top priority for you. You may try few resolution steps yourself to recover data.

Go to the Recycle Bin. Look for the files you require. Right click and press ‘Restore’, if they are present in the Recycle Bin.

However, this step would not be helpful in case the file you are looking for has been deleted completely. Also, in case of logical damage the above mentioned steps may not work. The logical cases, again, occur due to various reasons. So the file recovery tools in such cases vary as per the condition.

Here arises the need of specialized software that can perform deleted file recovery. These software help you recover up to 100% of the deleted files. The specially designed Windows file recovery software efficiently recover data from laptops, desktops, USB drives, memory cards and external hard drives. You can find these software readily available on the internet.

Windows Data Recovery software is one highly acclaimed software compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000 and NT4(SP6). It recover deleted files such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, PDF files, audio, picture, and video files in all situations of file loss.
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Windows Recovery for Corrupt Registry Hive

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Windows operating system makes use of a registry to store information and configuration settings. Registry is quite helpful in improving system integrity. Registry is like any other database, which is also vulnerable to corruption. Corruption occurs due to unexpected system shutdown, malicious virus, human errors, application malfunction, corruption of file system etc. A serious problem of unbootability of Windows occurs after corruption of registry. Due to which, all the Windows based hard drive data becomes inaccessible. However, maintained backup proves beneficial. But in absence of backup, you are required to go for a third party Windows recovery product.

Here are few error messages that come on the computer screen at the time of booting of Windows 2003 after the corruption of Windows Registry. These error messages seem to be like this:

“Stop: 0xc0000218 {Registry File Failure} The registry cannot load the hive (file): \SystemRoot\System32\Config\CorruptHive or its log or alternate. It is corrupt, absent, or not writable.”


“Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM.ced”


“System hive error”

After receiving above error messages, your system becomes unbootable and the hard drive data becomes inaccessible.


The root cause responsible for the occurrence of above error message is the corruption of Windows registry.


For solving above error messages and to make the data of hard drive accessible, you are required to follow the below steps:

 - Make an attempt to restore the system to previous state before the occurrence of Windows registry corruption.
 - Check all the firmware drivers, hardware, BIOS, and the disk.
 - Before shutdown of computer, quit all running processes.
 - If still problem remains as it is, make a comparison between registry hives with the help of a comparison tools like, Windiff.exe.

If none of the above steps help you to sort out the problem, try to format your system and make an attempt to restore data from an up-to-date backup. If backup is not available, then go for a third party Windows recovery tools. Such third party tools recover Windows and restore all the lost hard drive data. Such tools do not demand for strong technical skills.
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Recovery of QuickBooks When Anywhere Database Engine Encounters A Problem

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Today, almost all the organizations whether they are small or large, use computers and thus they use different tools to manage the data related to their finance and accounting. One of the highly used financial management applications among small to medium sized organizations is QuickBooks. This application saves all the data related to finance and accounts in .QBW files. QuickBooks 2006 and later versions use a database engine, called ‘Anywhere’, which is developed by Sybase and is based on SQL database. However, there are times when this database engine fails due to corruption in the QuickBooks files. At this situation all our precious data saved on QuickBooks becomes inaccessible. To overcome such loss, all you need to do is to opt for reliable QuickBooks recovery solution.

Let us exemplify the above situation. Suppose, another day while trying to open your QuickBooks database, you encounter the following error message related to problem in Anywhere database:

"Adaptive server anywhere database engine has encountered a problem and needs to close"

To rectify this issue, we must first understand actual causes behind this problem.


The above mentioned error in QuickBooks is encountered due to any of the following reasons:

- The QuickBooks file is damaged.
- The QuickBooks file is saved to a USB drive or flash drive and that drive was removed without closing QuickBooks file properly.
- The system on which QuickBooks is installed is infected by viruses.
- The QuickBooks program is not correctly installed.


Since, you encountered this issue while opening your QuickBooks, thus follow the below mentioned steps to overcome such situation:

- Scan your computer (in which QuickBooks is installed) with the powerful anti-virus software which has updated definitions for all the latest viruses. 
- Uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks.

However, if none of the above mentioned solutions work to fix the issue then it is recommended to opt for third-party QuickBooks repair software. There are large number of software for repairing QuickBooks is available online and all you need to do is to choose most efficient tool for this category. One of the highly recommended and user friendly tool for this category is Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks software.

This software recovers QuickBooks files irrespective to the cause of corruption or inaccessibility. The software supports recovery from QuickBooks Simple Start, Premier Pro, and Enterprise Solution Edition and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server2003, XP, 2000, and NT.  
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