How to Recover Deleted Pictures from a Flash Drives

Have you ever deleted your memorable pictures from your flash drive? It is a worse situation and it becomes horrible in absence of back up of those pictures. Well, if the reply is in affirmative, don’t panic because with the use of latest card recovery tool, those deleted pictures can be easily recovered even if you are unable to restore them from the last taken backup.

With the advancement in digital technology, the recovery of digital pictures has become very easy. Now, the recovery is possible irrespective of picture loss situation. With the use of card recovery utility, recovering pictures from flash drive and various other digital storage media has become a cakewalk. A user who has no technical skills can also recover lost pictures with the use of such applications.

How to select right picture recovery tool?

There are thousands of card recovery software on Internet which promise to recover pictures from a range of storage media including flash drive, zip drive, Cds, DVDs, USBs, memory cards, memory sticks, hard drives and so on. You should be cautious while downloading a particular tool as per your requirements. Keep the below points in mind while selecting an efficient recovery tool:

1. It should be read-only
2. It should not modify the previously stored pictures.
3. The GUI of the software should be user-friendly which will guide you through the recovery process
4. Ensure the tool provides you a preview of the recoverable pictures in its demo version
5. Ensure it recovers pictures and all other file formats from all storage media.

How to improve the possibilities of recovery:

Keep in mind the below points. It will enhance the possibilities of recovery of your picture files from flash drive and other storage media.

1. Do not use the flash drive to store new data after deleting any files that you want to recover.
2. Do not edit any cards or videos stored on the flash drive.
3. Do not use the flash drive for any further transfer process

When a file is deleted from flash drive, it is not completely deleted. The data of the deleted file remains 100 per cent intact until another file overwrites it. Once, it is overwritten, it cannot get back by any mechanism.

Card Recovery Software is a very popular comprehensive application, used to recover lost or deleted pictures, videos and audio files. It is developed in two versions: Windows and Mac to assist the recovery of lost photos for windows and mac users.

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