How to Fix "Cannot Move the Items. The Folder is full." Error in MS Outlook ?

As the business data continues to grow exponentially, so is the size of your Outlook PST file. You may receive hundreds of mails in a day that could make your Inbox folder practically bloating or bulging. Every MS Outlook version has a predefined size limit for the PST file. If your PST file crosses this limit, it becomes susceptible to corruption and starts showing erratic or abnormal behavior. In the worst case, all the mailbox data may become completely inaccessible. To sort out the issue, you can split your PST file into various smaller slices using a third-party PST file splitter.

To understand the above issue clearly, consider a practical example. Suppose you use a Windows Vista-based computer. When you attempt to transfer an item from one folder to the other in your Outlook PST file, you may receive the given error on your screen:

"Cannot Move the Items. The Folder is full."

Reason for the occurrence of above error message:

The error message that is listed above pops up when your Outlook PST file crosses or exceeds the maximum size limit of 2 GB. Only because of this limitation, items of one folder cannot be transferred to the other folder.

Tips to solve the above error message:

Splitting the PST file into various small-sized PSTs can resolve the issue. You can also follow some measures to overcome the problem of oversized PST file:
  • Remove all the unwanted Outlook items. After deleting unwanted emails, empty the 'Deleted Items' folder and compact it. Compaction will help you to remove the left or unused space in the PST file.
  • Create a new Outlook PST file and import some data from the old PST file to this new one.
  • The easiest solution is to use a third-party PST file splitter tool.
All these software are safe and risk-free. You do not require any technical skills or prior experience to operate such tools. Through simple commands like select, scan and drag, you can use these software with much ease. Moreover, performing the splitting process through such software is not a time consuming or lengthy process.

Outlook PST File Splitter is an advanced tool that can safely split large PST files into smaller ones according to the specified split criteria. The tool is able to split both single and multiple files on the basis of email id, time, date, folders & size. The Demo version of the software can be downloaded directly from the company's website.

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