Now Utilities Available to Recover Mail Items From OST File

OST or Off-line Storage Table file helps you to access your Outlook mailboxes, even if it is not connected to the Exchange Server. OST files are very helpful when there is either limited or frequently interrupting Internet connectivity. With the OST file, you can carry on your work by accessing, composing mail items etc. and when Outlook gets synchronized with the Exchange Server; all your work will take effect. In case, if you do not have any copy of your mailbox, following Exchange Server crash, these OST files can be immensely useful in getting the mail objects back. There are many OST to PST conversion utilities available with which you can convert the OST into PST file and access your mailboxes again.

Outlook Stores all the mail items, including your emails, contacts, notes, calendar entries, tasks etc in a PST file (Personal Storage Table file). But, before you disconnect Outlook from the Exchange Server, it creates an off-line copy of the mailbox (OST) in your local system. It is because of this off-line copy of the mailbox or OST file, you are able to access your mailbox, even when not connected to the Exchange Server.

There are situations, when the Exchange Server database gets corrupt and your entire mailbox becomes inaccessible. In such situations, the OST file in your local system can be used to create equivalent PST file and your mailbox can be recovered. Below are some of the occasions, when you require an OST 2 PST conversion utility to get back your Outlook mail items:

*  The Exchange Server database has been severely corrupt or damaged
*  The Exchange Server has crashed
*  The Exchange Server has been down due to serious issues
*  Damage or modification to the Exchange Server profile
*  User Mailbox either been deleted or migrated from the Exchange Server
*  The name of the email server has been changed
*  The OST file kept as backup has been damaged
*  Synchronization Issues after Changing the Domain

In any of the above cases, you can take the help of any OST to PST converter utility to convert the OST file and convert that to usable PST file. These OST Recovery utilities are powerful enough to handle even minor corruption in the OST file and successfully convert them to PST file. The newly created PST file can be easily imported into Outlook and you can access all mail items as before. Moreover, with interactive user interfaces, these conversion utilities are quite easy to use.

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