Word 2013 Document Corruption - Symptoms and Repair techniques

Microsoft Word 2013 includes enhanced features which make it one of the extensively used word-processing application. It serves as a building block of the information and enables you to create personalized documents in an easy way. Ribbon User Interface, new style sheets, new contextual spell checker are among few of the features introduced in the 2007 and all later versions including 2013 version of Word. Despite all these improvements, Word documents continue troubling users with corruption problems. The reasons behind corruption remain the same including abruptly-closed application, corrupt templates, power surges, damaged printer driver etc. If your Word documents fall prey to corruption, you must try the various Word repair methods listed in this article to escape data loss.

Before proceeding with what should be done to repair and recover damaged or corrupt Word 2013 documents, it is absolutely necessary to know the symptoms. A damaged Word document is prone to exhibiting strange behavior. After recognizing the symptoms properly, you can easily address the problem and perform Word recovery. Here are a few signs which hint towards corruption in Word 2013 documents (some of these symptoms may also appear in other versions of MS Word like 2010, 2007, 2003, and latest version 2016 too):

• If a Word document repeatedly renumbers the existing pages
• If a Word file repeatedly remakes the page breaks
• If you notice improper and strange layout and formatting in a Word document
• If you come across various error messages while opening, saving or performing other tasks related to a Word document
• If you find unreadable or junk characters in a document
• If your computer hangs when you try to open a Word document and others

Word 2013 Repair methods to be implemented

If you can open a document
1. Use the / a switch to start Word using only default settings. When you use this switch, no add-ins are loaded and Word doesn't even use Normal.dot template.
2. Try a different printer driver, and then open a damaged Word 2013 document
3. Use Safe Mode to open the Windows
4. Use Open and Repair feature to force Word to repair the file
5. Copy the undamaged part of the affected document to a new document

If you cannot open a document
1. Insert the document as a file in a new document
2. You can use the 'Recover Text from Any File' converter to extract headers, footers, field text.

To attain better repairing results without investing a great deal of efforts, you must opt for a third-party Word 2013 repair software. These tools perform repair and recovery of all components of an affected Word document, and in all corruption circumstances.

One of the comprehensive and user-friendly repair utilities available on the market is available here. This application is renowned for employing powerful algorithms and recovering Word documents created with MS Word 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000 versions. Moreover, being read-only, this Word recovery software doesn't damage the original data while performing repair actions.

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